Artificial Grass Empire

Artificial Grass Empire

“Building your green dream in your backyard”

Our company started as a solution to the untold frustration of most American families who are unable to utilize their backyards for their desired purposes. There are many inconveniences that come together with natural grass such as humidity, insects, water puddles, poison ivy just to name a few.

Additionally the high maintenance, cost of chemicals, and large amount of  time that keep homeowners working in the yard during their precious weekends add to that frustration.

We offer a low maintenance, pest free, decorative solution for your backyard. With our synthetic turf, you can now enjoy your green areas regularly and plan as many activities as you want with your family and friends. Without any doubt, the artificial turf in your backyard will open a world of possibilities

Artificial Grass Empire

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Artificial Grass Empire

Qualities and Advantages of Artificial Grass

  • Savings up to 70% in your water bill
  • Maintenance free
  • No pesticides or fertilizers
  • No damage under heavy and constant traffic
  • Dries quick thanks to their excellent drainage
  • Keeps color uniformity regardless of sunlight or shade exposure
  • It looks great and beautiful all year long
Artificial Grass Empire

Why Choose Us

Turf with 15 years of warranty.

Two years warranty in installation.

Highly qualified professionals. (5 Stars).

All forms of payment accepted (including financing).

We use the best material during the installation process.

We don’t cut corners.

We offer personalize advice to design your green project in your backyard and garden.

We are committed to build your green dream in your front or backyard.

We are proud to be ‘Problem Solvers’. We solve any issue you may have in your backyard or garden including flooding, leveling, etc.

We use the latest technology for seams.

Ask us about our financing options

Based on 17 reviews
Mike Clayton
Mike Clayton
14. July, 2022.
Artificial Grass Empire was an absolute delight to work with from start to finish. They came out and gave an accurate measure of my backyard, went through all of their turf options and pricing, as well as let me know there were certain Summer deals going on that other companies didn’t seem to have, or offer, which helped get a better deal on our selection. It felt like they were accommodating my family and I, but really it’s just the type of company and professionalism they’d offer to everyone. We set a date, they showed up promptly working through heat and rain, then 3 days later were out of there leaving our backyard looking AMAZING! No hidden or added fees either. The agreed upon price remained so, even though they had to bring in more material to level my yard. Will only work with these guys in the future and have already recommended them to friends who are in the market for artificial grass! Thank you Lissette and everyone else involved!!!
Maggie DaSilva
Maggie DaSilva
13. July, 2022.
Easy to work with, very professional. Beautiful results.
chad meyerdirk
chad meyerdirk
3. April, 2022.
We are very happy with our whole back yard done. They were promp, polite and nice to work with.
Jenna Davis
Jenna Davis
1. February, 2022.
I had the absolute best experience with Artificial Grass Empire! They were very communicative and responsive and answered any questions that I had during the process. The turf looks absolutely amazing and I could not be happier with how my yard turned out! They even cleared away my side yard for me to help me with a landscaping project I was doing on my own and saved me hours of labor. I am so grateful for them and all of their hard work! I highly recommend them and will not go to anyone else besides them for my landscaping needs!
Artificial Grass Empire
Artificial Grass Empire
Artificial Grass Empire
Artificial Grass Empire
Artificial Grass Empire

Additional Services

Do you need additional Landscaping Services? We will help you with that. We install pavers, add rocks, and plants or trees of your choice and more

Extra services are ONLY provided when contracting the artificial grass installation service.

*Photos for example only.

  • Landscaping rocks Installation.
  • Flooding and Laveling solutions.
  • Plants, flowers, tres, palms.
  • Fencing.
  • Pavers.
Marble rocks
Areccas Palms Backyard
Flooding and leveling
Flooding and leveling
Foxtail Palm
Pygmy Date Palm

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