Is artificial grass the right choice for your furry family member?  In short, yes!  Artificial grass and pets work perfectly together.  There are several issues that can be created with pets and natural grass.  The following list highlights the most appealing reasons to bring home artificial grass for beloved pet.

Artificial Grass Empire

  1. The PH in animal urine commonly causes browning in grass where pets visit often.  Artificial grass is unaffected by the chemicals in pet waste and will continue looking green.
  2. The cleanup for turf is easy!  The artificial grass still has the same draining properties as regular grass and the solid waste can easily be scooped.  Additionally, there are several fillers available for added antimicrobial and odor fighting properties that regular grass simply doesn’t have.  Artificial turf can also easily be washed with soap and water.  Bringing in the great outdoors to your home is a thing of the past.  No more mud, dirt, briars and weeds! The only maintenance artificial grass requires is in high traffic areas an occasional brush for years of beautiful green grass!
  3. Cost. The savings of not having to install and reinstall natural grass due to the damage pets cause can add up to thousands of dollars. When you add artificial turf to your
  4. Bugs cannot live or hide in turf as easily as natural grass. What this means for you is less chance of lime disease, or worm infestation caused by flea and ticks present in your pets’ paradise.
  5. Durability.  Artificial turf is resistant to running paths, and immune to digging.  Even persistent miners will not be able to dig into the turf.  For those with pup friends on the other side of the fence, or running lanes with fluffy siblings, the turf will not be worn down and wear out.  It is durable and designed to withstand whatever a pet can conceive of doing.
  6. Safety.  The installation of pet turf here at Artificial Grass will stand up to pets trying to dig out.  We use extra materials to provide a secure boundary, so your pet won’t be visiting the neighbors or taking himself out for a solo adventure.  Have peace of mind knowing your family member can only access his own domain.

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