The Best Florida Artificial Grass for Dogs and All Type of Pets will make your Life Easier

Pets and dogs are important part of our families and they deserve the best. If you are having trouble cleaning your lawn, or spending a lot of time trying to maintain it nice and clean. Does your dog come with his muddy paws into your house? Don’t worry we have your back. In Artificial Grass Empire we have the best selection of turfs for your dog and pets. If you live in Tampa Bay area, Saint Petersburg, Valrico, Lithia or any surrounding areas then we are the right option for you. If you want to know if we cover your area. You can go to our Areas of service to find out. Or you can also call and one of our experts will answer all of your questions about artificial grass.

10 things you have to check before hiring a company for artificial grass installation for dogs

How to choose the Best Artificial Turf for your Dog or Pet.

Make sure that the artificial turf you choose is dog and pet-friendly.

The first thing to look in Artificial grass for your dog is not only that it is pet-friendly but also safe for you and your family. How to ensure this? Hire a reputable company with high quality suppliers. In Artificial Grass Empire we only use the best of the best, keeping our prices affordable so you can make your green dream true.
The main concern on the artificial grass not being pet friendly is that might have some lead particles. Our Artificial turf is 100% lead free which warranties your pet and family will be safe from heavy metals and hard chemicals.
If you moved into a house that already has artificial grass installed you can check with the owner information about the supplier, or get it checked for lead.


Check that the drainage is good for water and also for dog urine.

A common problem that homeowners and business owners have with natural grass is that dog urine and feces damage the grass leaving some dry patches which are really difficult and expensive to recover. With artificial grass for dogs, you don’t have to worry about that, our fake grass is resistant to dog or cat pee and will not stain the artificial turf. It will just naturally drain as water.
For dog feces you just pick them up as usually and if there’s any residue left you can just hose it down. You can ask for our turfs with antibacterial cover, this cover will not only give you the benefits of antibacterial but it is also even easier to clean.


Ask about odor control

Smell is a major concern when you get to install artificial turf. But don’t worry Artificial Grass Empire is here to make your life easy.
Unlike natural grass artificial turf is made from nylon or polypropylene which makes it easier to clean and it won’t stick avoiding residues to stay in your grass. It is as easy as picking up and hosing. If you feel that your artificial turf still smells a little bit, we have several solutions for you.
Infills are the easiest solution: we have special infills as Envirofill which has Microban® antimicrobial protection. It helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. Ideal for pets, children, and athletes.
Other good option is to choose one of our pet turfs with antibacterial cover, they are specially made for dogs and pets and will leave your lawns smelling nice and clean all year long.
And our last tip for an easy clean is to spray the area with some vinegar or baking soda, it will remove smells instantly leaving your yard smelling clean and ready for your pets and children to use it again.

If your dog is allergic, ask for artificial grass, it might be the solution

As we said in our section of 10 BENEFITS OF ARTIFICIAL GRASS, artificial grass is hypoallergenic.
Dogs are as likely as humans to develop allergies and natural grass is the usual trigger for those. Natural grass is full of pollen, dust, critters and more which are the most common causes of respiratory allergies in the US. With artificial grass for pets, you don’t have to worry about that, fake grass does not act as a magnet for these allergens.
For keeping your natural grass nice and green you have to use big amounts of herbicides and insecticides fertilizers and more, those can also trigger allergies on you and your pet and are harmful for your general health. With artificial grass for dogs and pets you don’t need to use any of these harsh chemicals and it will look green all year long.


Check for the turf durability with dogs

Does your furry friend loves playing around your lawn? Digging up dirt or scratching and chewing around everything they can find? Then you need a good quality high performance artificial grass for pets. In Artificial Grass Empire we offer a 15 year of warranty for the grass and 2 years for the installation.
Our artificial grass is very resistant. Your dog can scratch dig and chew and the artificial grass will remain as new.
As installers in Artificial Grass Empire, we take special considerations with the installation of artificial grass for dogs. Active dogs, young dogs, and big dogs are known for playing around with everything they find around and artificial grass won’t be an exception. Is usual that the dogs try to scratch the turf and mostly chew the ends off. For avoiding that, our team of experts use extra adhesives, staples and stakes in areas that might be problematic. If you want to know more about our installation you can read our section HOW IS ARTIFICIAL GRASS INSTALLED?


Verify that the grass look and feel are high quality

There is a diversity of Artificial Grass, different lengths, colors and styles. Our high-quality turf looks and feels like natural turf with all of the benefits of the synthetic grass. As in natural grass we have different options, thinner or wider blades, softer or more firm, dark green, light green and more the options are endless. If you want to see our turfs you can book an appointment now.

Ensure that the Artificial Grass installation for dogs is giving a cost/efficient deal

Artificial Grass Empire uses the best quality of pet turf. We have direct contact with the biggest and most reliable suppliers which ensures that you’ll get the best quality in the market with an affordable price, plus you’ll have a whole team of professionals working with you on every step of the
way. Forget about maintenance and start the construction of your new turf now. QUOTE NOW.


Confirm that the company takes measures for controlling temperature in your Artificial Grass

The only con of artificial grass is that it might get hot. Artificial grass is made of synthetic material which will make it propense to become slightly warmer than natural grass. But don’t worry in Artificial Grass Empire we have the best solutions for this issue.
First it is important for you to know that artificial grass will never become hot enough to burn you or your pet, it cannot be compared with asphalt or concrete that are surfaces that can potentially harm your dog paws.
In warm and sunny days, the main concern is that it can get hot and slightly uncomfortable, for avoiding that we use the best quality grass with Cool Flo technology that keeps grass 15 degrees lower than any other turf, also polypropylene and nylon are the most advanced high-quality materials that avoid this to happen. Finally, we also pay attention on the infills we use. As our ordinary infill we use silica sand, its bright white color will avoid it to keep the warmth of the sun. If you want to know more about this read our most common questions of artificial grass installation.
If the temperature is cold you don’t have to worry about your grass breaking since this type of grass doesn’t become stiff or forms icicles.


Guarantee little to non- maintenance dog turf

High quality artificial grass is really easy to maintain. No more watering, trimming, fertilizing or using harsh pesticides. In Artificial Grass Empire our artificial grass requires very little to non-maintenance, hosing and cleaning time to time and brushing every other month is more than enough.


Corroborate UV protection in your artificial grass for dogs and pets.

In Artificial Grass Empire all of our turfs have built in protection against UV rays, that is why our turf doesn’t fade or melt with time no matter how much sun they receive.

Beneffits of Artificial Grass for Dogs Installation

Artificial Grass Empire

Artificial grass for dogs doesn’t get muddy

Dogs love digging the lawn and then running with their muddy paws inside of your house. Does that sound familiar? We know that that’s a huge concern for dog owners. In Artificial Grass Empire we have the solution for you. Our scratch resistant pet turf is perfect no matter if your dog is active or not, small help you choose the best for you. Call us Now and we will answer all of your questions.

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You can use your artificial grass for dogs all year round

Artificial grass wont freeze and die in the winter, or get muddy in the rain. Synthetic turf doesn’t dry in sunny seasons with water shortages. You can enjoy your artificial grass 365 days of the year and the best .thing is it will always look nice and green.

Artificial Grass Empire

Artificial grass is perfect for little dogs

If you don’t have a lot of time to take care of your grass and mow it frequently it can get really uncomfortable for your furry friend. Overgrown grass can be a challenge and also leads to wild animals as snakes and rodents to live there without you even noticing. Avoid all of these nightmares with Artificial Grass for dogs.

Artificial Grass Empire

Artificial grass is very comfortable for dogs and for they owners

Synthetic grass for dogs feels and looks like real and your dog won’t even notice the difference. As for owners it will make your life much easier.

Artificial Grass for Pets

Artificial turf for pets is the best alternative for your dog or cat. Our beautifully designed lawns not only look nice but have so many benefits. The happiness of you and your dog is our goal and we accomplish the expectations. Build an amazing green area for you to enjoy with your pet, kids, family or friends. 

Artificial grass has no restrictions you can use it in backyards, front yards, indoors or outdoors; for residential or commercial areas. Call us now and Artificial Grass Empire will start building your green dream.