10 Common Questions On Artificial Turf Installation solved

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The installation of artificial turf is a heavy job which needs knowledge, professional tools, high quality materials and skill in the installation and is not recommended as a DIY project.

In Artificial Grass Empire we get the best quality materials from the primary source in huge amounts which lead us to get better prices for you. If you try to buy it for yourself in little amounts you’ ll end spending much more just in materials.

The materials are heavy and need to be transported to your house or business, with Artificial Grass Empire you won’t have to deal with suppliers or getting any materials to your house. We will do it for you and we have the right professional equipment to do it.

Getting the materials is just the beginning of the process. For the artificial grass with installation we follow a protocol to ensure that the synthetic grass will have a long-life spam for you to use it, with the right drainage and looking flawless. For that we use the best equipment and our professionals with years of experience will give you the best results. If you want to know more about our installation process you can read: How is Artificial Grass installed? Or you can CALL NOW to get more information.  


Artificial Grass with installation or synthetic turf is not only pet friendly but is the best option for your dog. It is completely, lead and chemical free, has a nice texture that your dog will love and the best of all it is really easy to clean! We even have Astro Turf and Pet turfs which are specifically made for them. Odor control, antibacterial covers, infills with odor trapping microcapsules and temperature control, those are just some of the options that we offer in the installation of Synthetic turf for dogs and pets. Want to know more of our special Artificial Grass with installation for dogs? You can go to our Artificial Grass for Pets or you can book an appointment with us. QUOTE NOW


Yes! Artificial Grass with installation is eco- friendly. Want to take a step to an ecofriendly home but also to look nice and suitable for your children and pets? Then Synthetic turf is the best option for you. In Artificial Grass Empire our turf is fully made with recycled materials, but that’s not it. With Synthetic turf form Artificial Grass Empire, you won’t need to water your turf. Fake grass doesn’t need fertilizers or hard chemicals to look green all year long so avoid all those heavy health damaging gases with your Eco- friendly lawn. Also, you have to forget about all the energy used by your mower, your synthetic turf will be nice and short all year long without any extra care. Want to start your journey to an ECO- FRIENDY lawn just CALL US and we will do the rest for you.

Artificial Grass Empire


In Artificial Grass Empire we use the best quality materials so our Artificial Turf won’t suffer from discoloration, or fade with time. Our 15 years of warranty ensures that you will have a nice green lawn all year lawn during that period. Spills or any other accident can be easily cleaned by hosing or spraying them of. Artificial turf is designed to be extremely resistant and long-lasting.

Artificial Grass Empire


Absolutely no. Every project is completely different from the other. We make the whole experience completely customized; you can choose the area where you want to install the turf. We have a huge range of turfs with different colors, length and width of the blades, thickness of the synthetic grass which will give you a lot of options at the time of choosing. We also do landscaping with your artificial turf installation. Not sure of what to do in your lawn? Don’t worry our team of experts will advise you on the best solution for your home or business.

Don’t worry about having to deal with several people to get the job done. In Artificial Grass empire we do landscaping services on your artificial grass with installation. Plants, flowers, palms, trees, pebbles, river rocks, gravel, sand, mulch, decorative stepping stones or blocks, you name it and we will make it for you. Our suppliers are the best in the market which will ensure you will get the best quality with the best prices.


Artificial Grass Empire provides licensed suppliers for artificial turf installation. All you have to do is call +1 813 579 0152 or click here to set an appointment and we will start your journey to a better lawn.  We install Artificial grass in Tampa, Riverview, South Tampa, Brandon, Saint Petersburg and much more. You want to know if we cover your area? Go to our SERVICE AREAS to find it.


Fortunately, Artificial grass with installation requires none to very little care. To keep the surface clean is the main requirement, this can be easily achieved using a leaf blower and a brush and you can rinse it or hose it for any liquid accidents. We also have some special infills that will help your process to be easy. Ask about T- COOL or our other infills with different properties.

Artificial Grass Empire
Artificial Grass Empire


Artificial grass with installation is charged by square foot and it depends on many variables: type of grass you choose, material of the area where it’ll be installed, infills, and much more. The best way to get and accurate pricing is to book a FREE appointment with one of our specialists that will not only give you the price but will also guide you as much as you need for your project.

Good news! Artificial grass with installation from Artificial Grass Empire pays for itself. We thrive to provide homeowners with the best quality products that offer the highest return in their investment. An artificial lawn that looks green all year long while paying for itself over time accomplishes that goal.

Cost- efficiency is our main goal. Artificial grass with installation will not only save you time and money but will increase your property value. Want to know more? Read our 10 WAYS TO HAVE AND OUTSTANDING LAWN WITH ARTIFICIAL GRASS IN YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS


This are the most common questions we get from our customers and we agree that having a natural looking grass is a must. We have great news for you. Artificial grass with installation  looks and feels as natural as sod, with our amazing quality turf you’ll see that we match the texture, color and length of the natural grass you prefer. Bermuda, Saint Augustine and Bahaia are some of the natural grasses more used in Florida. We have different artificial turfs that look and feel as good as these types of grass and even much more options. You can enjoy a natural looking lawn with all of the benefits of the artificial turf. Want to know more about the benefits of artificial turf you can read our section: 10 WAYS TO HAVE AND OUTSTANDING LAWN WITH ARTIFICIAL GRASS IN YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS


As you know everything in life has PROS and Cons and we like to be honest with our customers on what they are getting. One of the major concerns of Artificial Turf customers is that it gets hot. Artificial grass with installation will never become too hot for dogs or kids to the point that it burns or injures them, but f you are living in a very hot climate, your entire lawn might be a bit unpleasant for your dog during a summer’s day.

Don’t worry we have taken several considerations to solve this issue.

First our artificial turf has a CoolFlo Technology . CoolFlo technology is the latest innovation in the artificial grass industry. When the sun is out and it’s hot, synthetic turf doesn’t stay as cool as natural grass due to the water content found in natural grass. Synthetic grass does not radiate heat like rock, pavement or brick. CoolFlo Technology allows heat to dissipate passively. CoolFlo Technology has been tested by experts in a controlled environment and has been proven to keep turf 15 degrees cooler. You can read more about it from one of our suppliers CoolFlo system.

Another way to keep grass even cooler is by the use of infills. The right infill will allow air to flow throughout the grass, cooling it down significantly, as well as making the grass feel softer as you walk through it.  The modern, light-colored infills are:  Silica sand and durafill sand are both superior choices, designed with lighter colors so they don’t trap the heat from sun rays within your lawn. If you want it even cooler you can add a Tcool infill if you want to know more about this infills or how to keep your artificial grass cooler you can read TºCool Turf or Call and one of our experts will answer all of your questions.


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