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If you are spending a lot of time and money taking care of large areas on your business, or your green areas looks dry and boring. Then commercial artificial grass is the solution for you. No matter if the area you want to cover is big or small, indoor or outdoor, in Artificial Grass Empire we will find the right fit for your business. Natural grass needs a lot of maintenance: from trimming, watering, weeding, fertilizers and even reseeding often if you want to keep it nice and green. With commercial artificial turf you don’t have to worry about that, your lawn will need really light to non-maintenance. If you are building an outdoor lawn in your business the commercial artificial grass will hold up to daily use. Our synthetic commercial turf is extremely resistant, it is made to endure high traffic and any weather conditions. In sunny and hot days, it will never dry or burn; in cold days it won’t break, and in rainy days you won’t have to worry of it getting muddy it dries really fast so you can enjoy it as much as possible. Commercial artificial turf is a great option to provide long lasting and outstanding solution to your business.

In Artificial Grass Empire we use the best quality materials with a team of experts that will guide your journey to your dream’s lawn. We adapt and customize everything for you:


You can choose big or small areas, outdoors or indoors, walls, patios, gardens or lawns we will adapt to your project. Our team is ready to work at any scale.

Type of turf

We have a huge selection of turfs, with different colors and tones, different length and width of the blades, density of the grass and more. All with the best quality and they look and feel like natural grass.


Our team can help you design your area. Stepping stones, plants, flowers, rocks, pebbles are just some options of things that can be added to your commercial artificial grass design. A luxury putting green will entertain your costumers and will be a cost-efficient way to cover big or small areas in your business. If you want to know more about this you can go to our PUTTING GREENS section.

8 Commercial Settings for Installing Artificial Grass to make Business Owners Life Easier


Business offices

Commercial artificial grass is considered as a luxury appliance. Your business will not only look deluxe, but it will also save you a lot of time and money. With commercial artificial turf you don’t need to water, trim or weed it will also save you money on harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Can you imagine an outstanding green area to welcome your clients, or maybe a grass wall on your reception to give it a trendy and modern look. How about a putting green for you and your clients to enjoy. Commercial artificial grass is not only a fashionable idea but is also fast, reliable and cost efficient. If you want to know more benefits of artificial grass you can read our section of 10 benefits of artificial grass for your home or business.


Schools & other educational areas

Daycares and school owners are always looking for the best option for kids. Safety, durability, low maintenance and nice look are just some of the benefits that commercial artificial grass will have in these areas.
Playgrounds are kids’ favorite areas, but what happens if they are not built in the right way. Natural grass in playgrounds is usually full of bugs and mosquitos; mud and puddles are always there after it rains and it takes hours or days until it dries; kids also like pulling and stepping on natural grass which is not made for high traffic and gets damaged easily. With commercial artificial grass you won’t have any of these problems. It’s made to resist any pulls, scratches and high traffic. Its installed even which avoids any puddles and has an amazing drainage system which helps it dry really fast.
Commercial artificial grass is also really easy to clean so don’t worry about any accidents, just clean it or hose it and it will look as new. Is also one of the most hygienic options that you will find in the market, you can choose our antibacterial cover for an extra boost.


Residential parks

A nice pool, a playground, some sport fields, and maybe a gym are just some of the facilities that residential common areas offer. These areas are meant to entertain big amounts of people which requires a lot of consistent maintenance and cleaning. With artificial grass you won’t have to worry about that any more it will save you a lot of money and the best part is that the residents will love it. We offer free quoting if you want to start now just book an appointment and one of our experts will be happy to help you in the process.

Artificial Grass Empire


Public, parks & playgrounds

Commercial artificial grass has become more and more common in public parks and playgrounds, why? Because it is really easy to maintain, you don’t need to worry about pets or kids playing on it since is really resistant, people can use it all year long regardless of the weather or the season, artificial grass will always look nice and green.


Dog areas

Dog and pet areas are usually really difficult to maintain. They need staff consistently mowing, weeding and watering the area; but on top of that, dogs chew and dig the natural grass off which create patches that need reseeding, also these places get really muddy after a rainy day and it is really difficult to use them afterwards since it takes a long time to dry. With commercial artificial grass installation, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues, and it is also eco-friendly. If you want to know more about our pet turfs and the specific considerationsn we take on the installation of grass for dogs you can go to our ARTIFICIAL GRASS FOR PETS service


Restaurants, breweries & more

Artificial grass for restaurants is one of the best decisions you can take. First you customers will love it. Commercial artificial grass feels and looks like the natural one we have some options that are even softer which will make walking on it really pleasant. Second it will give a nice look to your area, Artificial grass is used also as decoration in walls and patios so you won’t need to invest a lot in decorations, keep it simple with our simple solution. And the best of all is that commercial artificial turf needs light to non-maintenance which will save you a lot of time and money.
What are you waiting for START NOW and grow your business.


Roof tops

Bars, restaurants, clubs and more have taken this trendy option lately. People in Florida love rooftops, the sun and the warm weather make the perfect environment for entertaining and having fun. Commercial artificial grass is the best option for these areas not only for the aesthetics, but it will need really light maintenance. It’s made for high traffic so people can dance and step on it as much as they want. Start this fun journey now.


Medical offices, hospitals, sport centers, clubs & more

With commercial artificial grass the options are endless. We can customize any area for you. If you have any questions of the artificial grass, you can check our MOST COMMON QUESTIONS OF ARTIFICIAL GRASS or CALL and one of our experts will answer to all of your needs. 

Commercial artificial grass is eco- friendly

Commercial turf solutions are not only beneficial for home and business owners, but also for the environment.

  • Artificial grass is made from recycled material.
  • Commercial artificial turf doesn’t need water which will safe tons in the 15 years life spam.
  • Synthetic grass for commercial areas doesn’t need mowing. Saves energy or gas. 
  • Commercial fake turf won’t need fertilizers or pesticides. No harsh chemicals for the environment.

Best Commercial artificial grass installation in Tampa Bay area and more

Artificial grass empire has the best commercial artificial grass installation in the market. We cover Tampa Bay area, Saint Petersburg, Riverview, Brandon, Lithia, Apollo beach, Fish Hawk and more. If you want to check if we cover your area you can go to our areas of service.

  • Best quality in materials: the synthetic grass, infills, base materials and everything we use in the installation. If you want to know more of our protocols of installation you can check HOW IS ARTIFICIAL GRASS INSTALLED?
  • Professionals with expertise and knowledge. Our team of commercial artificial grass installation is one of our best assets, our professionals are friendly and always willing to help our customers. At the same time, they are really knowledgeable. 
  • We use the best equipment for the installation of commercial artificial grass. Our great team with the right tools is the perfect combination for building green dreams. 
  • Compromise to our warranties. We offer 15 years of warranty for the turf and 2 years of warranty for the installation. Don’t worry about melting, fading, or burning. Your artificial grass is made to last. 
  • Customizable designs in all of our installations 
  • Variety in turfs. We offer a huge variety on turfs and designs. If you want to start your project now and want to see and feel some samples you can book and appointment now. 
  • Takes care of the soil. It prevents erosion by protecting the ground and keeping it in place. 
  • 100% Recyclable 
  • Outstanding aesthetic, our artificial grass installation looks and feels like real grass with all of the benefits of synthetic turf. 
  • Eco- friendly benefits, from water saving to limited vapors that damage the environment 
  • Long life spam. You commercial artificial gras installation is built to last for years and years. 
  • Extraordinarily low maintenance, looking nice and green all year long
  • Weather resistance. From sunny and hot days, to cold and rainy days, commercial artificial grass is always looking its best.
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They will discuss with you about the design, budget, expectations and will answer all of your questions.

We will give you the best and more cost-efficient quote on the market. The results will exceed your expectations.

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