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There are a couple of different types of infills available here at Artificial Grass Empire.  But first it is important to understand the basic purpose and need for infill.

What is the function of the infill?

1. Infill assists in helping the turf blades stand upright, return to their original position after being exposed to pressure, as well as shield the backing of the turf from harmful UV rays.

2. Infill is also necessary because it creates the shock absorption feel that soil provides in natural grass, as well as aiding in drainage, and providing weight on the turf which prevents wrinkles.

Artificial Grass Empire

What infill we use in Artificial Grass Empire for your artificial turf installation?

Our default material that facilitates these qualifications is Silica sand. Silica sand is derived from quartz that has been eroded by wind and water. As the quartz erodes, it breaks down into small granules. Silica sound is the most affordable option; however, depending on our customer’s needs it may not be the best option

Artificial Grass Empire


EnviroFill is the only pet-friendly turf infill that combats odors while maintaining longevity and cleanliness in backyard, playground, and park applications.

What are the benefits of envirofill in your lawn?

1. Microban® antimicrobial protection.  This is infused into EnviroFill during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. Ideal for pets, children, and athletes, it’s the cleanest turf infill around.

Artificial Grass Empire

2. Envirofill artificial grass/turf infill is pet and dog friendly, people friendly and environmentally friendly.

Artificial Grass Empire

How does the envirofill works in your artificial grass?

At its core, EnviroFill is a round grain of sand coated with acrylic. The acrylic coating encapsulates the sand completely, creating a virtually dust-free product. This coating is infused with Microban which prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. This especially helps when your pup does his business on your lawn as EnviroFill will be proactively preventing those microbes from producing those pesky urine odors.  Additionally, Envirofill is 100% non-toxic.

Read more about it HERE (Envirofill: Sustainable Synthetic Turf Infill | Motz (


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1. TºCool® is an innovative evaporative cooling technology that reduces synthetic turf surface temperatures by 30 to 50 degree without compromising the performance benefits. To create this evaporative cooling effect T°Cool® simply requires hydration in the form of irrigation, rainfall, or humidity to continuously activate – making it the only proven synthetic turf cooling infill that cools the entire synthetic turf system for sustained periods of time.

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2. T°Cool® is an eco-friendly solution that cools synthetic turf by coating the infill which can be comprised of black crumb rubber, sand, or other infill materials to combat the heat and make the fields cooler, safer and more playable

Artificial Grass Empire

3. T°Cool® infill works on the same principles as human perspiration. Stored moisture is slowly released from treated sand infill, removing heat energy and allowing the synthetic turf field to cool.

Artificial Grass Empire

4. T°Cool ® also adds the benefit of the antimicrobial additive, BacShield. The BacShield fights harmful microorganisms including bacteria, protozoans, viruses, and fungi such as mold and mildew. When microbes encounter the turf surface, the antimicrobial agents penetrate their cell walls and disrupt key cell functions to limit microbial growth and reproduction.

For more information about Tcool you can click HERE ( About TCool — TºCool Turf (

I hope that the exploration of infills and their benefits and uses has provided valuable information when deciding which product can enhance your green dream in your backyard.

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