Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Are you looking to improve your golf game? The only way to do it is practice as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro golfer or just beginning, a backyard putting green is the perfect option for you. Can you imagine having a putting green in the comfort of your home? You can practice your putting and chipping skills in your backyard. Using artificial grass, we can create an amazing backyard putting green as complex or as simple as you want. Want to add some landscaping? Or how about a sand trap? Artificial Grass Empire has everything you need in creating the best putting greens in Tampa Area.

Aren’t your convinced yet? Here are a few reasons why adding a backyard putting green is the best option to your home:

5 reasons for installing a backyard putting green at your house or business


It will make you a better golfer

As we said in Golf as in most sports practice is the key to success. What a better way to do it than having a putting green in the comfort of your home. In Artificial Grass Empire we offer the best quality turfs for putting greens and we have a lot of options going to the least to the most professional for adapting our costumers needs and budget.  


Needs little to no maintainance

Our backyard putting greens are installed with not only the best materials but also by our professional standards. That ensures that your backyard putting green will need little to non-maintenance. As well as artificial grass with installation, putting greens don’t need water, mowing, trimming, fertilizers or hard chemicals, and the best thing is that they will be green all year long. All you need to do is some brushing every now and then and your putting green will look nice and fresh.


Saves you money and it is cost efficient

Golfing is a sport that usually requires a lot of money, from paying memberships in country club, or range fees, to equipment, and the money and time you spend driving to those places. With a backyard putting green you won’t have to worry about that. You can practice your game for as long as you need without any additional fee, the best thing is you will also avoid the traffic, and it will save you gas and time.  Want to know more about saving money with artificial grass with installation read our how much it cost to install artificial turf.


Putting green has a long-life spam

In Artificial Grass Empire we offer a 15-year warranty for all of our artificial grass with installation, that includes our putting greens. Don’t worry about fading, melting or discoloration we use the best quality materials with reliable warranties. Natural grass usually dips, don’t worry, your backyard putting green is made to last and resist any climate, golf players and high traffic.


Putting greens are really trendy and versatile

In Artificial Grass Empire our experts will help you as much or as little as you want. If you already have a design in mind, we will make it happen and if not, we will guide you through the process. We offer 2D and 3D designs for free if you hire your putting green service. Different colors, depths, textures, adding landscaping around and sand traps are just a few options we have to make your backyard putting green as unique as possible. We can do classic shapes and also really trendy and modern following the shape of your backyard or completely geometric. In terms of backyard putting greens the options are endless and we are here to ensure that your expectations are fulfilled at the end.

Putting greens can also be installed in patios or even indoor areas. If having a backyard putting green is your dream don’t wait any longer. In Artificial Grass Empire we have the best artificial turf options for your putting green and professional and reliable installation teams. Artificial grass empire installs backyard putting greens in all Tampa Bay area, South Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Brandon, Riverview, Sarasota, Bradenton, Ana Maria and much more, if you want to know our areas of service you can visit our (Areas of Service) and find out more or you can also call us and an expert will answer all of your questions.

Backyard Putting Green and Artificial Grass Installation Tampa, Fl and surrounding areas.

Artificial Grass Empire is the specialist designing unique and customized backyard putting greens. You can practice in the comfort of your home or have a nice family and friends entertaining area.
Our backyard putting greens are made to last and resist and to adapt to every type pf golfer. We got you cover regardless of your skill level, from beginners to professionals, indoor putting greens or nice synthetic greens for your backyard; we have endless options for you. The best thing is that we adapt the designs to your area and budget.

Puttin Greens for business and commercial areas

A putting green is not only a good option for your home but also for your business or commercial area. Artificial Grass Empire can build a customized putting green to match your front yard, pool area in neighborhoods, child’s play area, retirement villages, hotels, and commercial business-office parks office or open field. It would give your business a luxurious look and a nice entertaining area for your costumers. Every costumer will want to get back just to enjoy your nice, green and resistant putting green. The best thing is you won’t have to worry about maintenance, your artificial putting green is made to last with really light to non-maintenance. 
In Artificial Grass Empire we build the perfect putting green for your business building, country club, sports bar, brewery, school playground, college or any other commercial area. 
You have a garden in your business which is difficult to maintain? Or a muddy area where grass is not even growing? Does your business area look boring and plain? Then a putting green is the right solution for you! Artificial Grass Empire installs putting greens in any area. It will be a relieve for your business. You won’t have to worry about dealing with a gardening company, high watering bills or customers stepping on the natural grass and damaging it. If you want to check other ideas for your business you can check our area of Commercial Artificial Grass for more information or check our Wall grass area if you are thinking on giving your indoor or outdoor walls a nice and trendy look.

Artificial Grass Empire

What is the minimum size for a backyard putting green?

The size for your backyard putting green depends on many factors: The goal you have for your backyard putting green, the size of the area you are planning to do it, the number of holes you want on your backyard putting green, your skill level, landscaping surrounding the area and much more. The best new is we adapt to your needs and manufacture an option just made for you. If you have an idea in mind and want to start right away or don’t know how to start then don’t worry. Call us or book a free estimate and one of our experts will do a professional assessment of your area to give you the best options with amazing results.  

How to design a backyard putting green?

Homeowners and business owners get confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information you can get online, but don’t worry our staff will help you on every step of your journey. Grass, sand bunkers, natural fringes, chipping areas and roughs are just some of the things that can be added to your backyard putting green. We can also build uphill lays, sidehill lies, pitch shots and many more in your backyard putting green. Just book your Free estimate and we will get started right away.

How much does a backyard putting green costs?

Artificial grass empire gives our customers affordable putting greens with the best quality materials. The cost on your backyard putting green is given by square foot and depends on many factors:
Type of turf: we have a huge variety of artificial turf for putting greens. Different lengths, color, thickness, classified for different levels of skills we have endless options to choose from.
Area: the artificial turf for backyard putting greens is charged by square foot. One of our experts will take accurate measurements of the area with the most advanced technology. Want to know more about our Gold Standard instrument? (Moasure for Artificial Grass / Turf Installers)
Extras: As we said with backyard putting greens you have endless possibilities. You can add as many holes, gulf cups, shapes, sand traps, downhills, up-hills and more.
Want to know how much your dream backyard putting green will cost? Make an appointment today and we will build a celebrity putting green with an affordable price for you.  QUOTE NOW

Advantages of professional installation of a putting green

Long life spam

Having a professional installation on your backyard putting green will ensure that it will last. We have a warranty of 15 years that covers it for any fading, melting or burning.


In Artificial Grass Empire we use the best quality materials, with the best technology and professionals. Your backyard putting green will look green and nice despite the weather, traffic or use.


Our professionals have the best technology and experience to assure that your area will have the right drainage, we keep the level of your lawn to avoid any possible accumulations and we assure the surface is even to avoid puddles.


We have the best tools from start to finish. We do accurate measurement that turn into amazing 2d and 3D designs with our tools. We adapt to your skill level, budget and preferences and combine that we our experience and knowledgeable. The results are AMAZING!

Attention to details

We know that golfers are meticulous so we like to keep our backyard putting greens flawless. How we do that? We use the best materials, technology, advanced tools and expertise. You will be more than happy with the results.

Light maintenance

Professionally installed backyard putting greens need very little maintenance. Don’t worry about trimming, watering, fertilizers or weeds. Your backyard putting green will look nice and green all year long just with some brushing now and then.

Realistic touch and feel

With our turfs in Artificial Grass Empire, you won’t even notice the difference with the natural grass but will enjoy all of the benefits of a synthetic putting green.

What are you waiting for

Dare to dream. Start your celebrity putting green for your home or business now