Plants and Rocks

Many of our customers are constantly looking for that perfect balance between artificial greenery and natural landscape. Sometimes adding some natural plants to a space can brighten the appearance of the grass and enhance the beauty of the turf; however, it is important to make conscientious choices otherwise you will again be spending time on maintenance that the turf is meant to remove.  There are some flowers and plants that are hardy, and virtually maintenance free following proper installation.  We have compiled a list of some of our favorites.

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The first option we recommend is succulents.  Succulents thrive in many environments and don’t need consistent watering.  They are the ideal candidate for a “set and forget” plant.  Additionally, they come in a wide variety of heights, types, and colors, which makes them hands down the favorite complement to artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Empire


The second option we have had great success with is the rhododendron bush.  These plants provide lovely flowers and want to thrive.  With only an annual trim, they can provide beauty for years at a hassle-free cost.

Artificial Grass Empire


Our third recommendation is lavender.  This plant not only provides a natural air freshener for artificial grass spaces, but it is also very low maintenance.  Its unique purple flowers also enhance the area with a lovely purple pop against the lush green of an artificial turf yard.

Artificial Grass Empire


Daylilies are our fourth favorite plant for stress free living with plants and synthetic turf. Daylilies are not popular with pests, and they also are not susceptible to many plant diseases.  They come in a variety of colors and can add enjoyment to any area.

All these plants and many more enhance beautifully the artificial turf area and contribute to create an space warm and cozy for your back or front yard.

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